The Science

A Revolutionary Test

Convergent has developed a patent pending blood biomarker test that holds the promise of confirming that a cervid, or deer, has a healthy biomarker profile. Convergent is working with a University to validate and further develop the test and procedures. The presence of prions or other infectious agents changes the biomarker profile in the animal’s blood and tissue.

The Biomarker Test determines the presence and quantities of the biomarkers in the blood or tissue that are believed to be indicative of a healthy animal. If an animal is being challenged by CWD this biomarker profile will change.  

The Meaning of a Healthy Profile

(To be confirmed by the validation study)

The deer’s body is not producing, reacting, or responding to prions.

The Meaning of a Non-Healthy Profile

If the biomarker test indicates a non-healthy profile, it means the deer’s body is reacting to prions. The biomarker test does not quantify or identify the concentration of the infectious prions in the blood or tissues.

Convergent AH and our partners are researching how other infectious agents change the healthy biomarker profile.